UV Manual Brush Set
UV Manual Brush Set
UV Manual Brush Set
UV Manual Brush Set
UV Manual Brush Set
UV Manual Brush Set
UV Manual Brush Set

$189.99 $95.99

Manual Self-Dispensing Refillable Toothbrush With Nylon Bristles,
Magnetic Stand, Travel Case, UV Sterilizer, USB-C Charge Cable

Key features

🏆 Award-Winning Technology 🏆

  • 2023 CES Innovation Award Honoree for Accessibility 
  • 2023 Reviewed by USA Today Award for Accessibility
  • 2021 RedDot Design Award
  • 2021 iF Design Award

Superior Dental Care:

An effective blend of minimalist all-silicone ergonomic design and
award-winning technology ensures perfect dental hygiene

Self-Dispensing Mechanism & Built-In Toothpaste Container:
Stay fresh with a touch of a button for a month.

Charcoal Infused Soft Nylon Bristles with Sapphire Rounded Tips:
Silicone brush head with hybrid nylon/silicone bristles promotes
gentle cleansing of teeth and gums and prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

Hypoallergenic Silicone:
Skin-safe and durable premium material with anti-slip grip for the most comfortable handling.

UV Sterilizer with 2 UV-C lights:
Independent LAB tested. UV-C is proven to effectively neutralize microorganisms,
including bacteria and viruses, including various coronaviruses, on your toothbrush. Switch UV Sterilizer from Magnetic Stand to Travel Case and vice vera. Stay protected wherever you are.

Sleek, lightweight design of Nest Brush with it’s built-in toothpaste container, travel case and UV sterilizer allows you to stay fresh and clean anywhere, anytime.