Sonic Self-Dispensing Electric Toothbrush With Nylon Bristles, One Soft Touch Capsule, USB-C Charge Cable


Key features

🏆 Award-Winning Technology 🏆

  • 2023 CES Innovation Award Honoree for Accessibility 
  • 2023 Reviewed by USA Today Award for Accessibility
  • 2021 RedDot Design Award
  • 2021 iF Design Award

Deep Sonic Vibrations:
Efficient and gentle cleaning.

Self-Dispensing Mechanism & Built-In Toothpaste Container:
Stay fresh with a touch of a button for 2 weeks.

2 Minute Smart Timer & 30 Sec Quadpacer:
Guides you with the best brushing technique.

Charcoal Infused Soft Nylon Bristles with Sapphire Rounded Tips:
Silicone brush head with hybrid nylon/silicone bristles promotes gentle cleansing of teeth and gums and prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

Hypoallergenic Silicone:
Skin-safe and durable premium material with anti-slip grip for the most comfortable handling.

Light and pleasant to the touch sleek air capsule - keeps your Nest Brush clean. Grab a brush in a backpack or bag and travel light. Everything you need for your dental hygiene is already inside (brush and paste). Use the capsule on the road as a holder (in a hotel or somewhere else).

  • SKU: NBE1NBwCapsule

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