Can I take my Nest Electric Brush to a shower?
Yeah, sure! It’s IPX7 waterproof. You can even dive into the sea and brush your teeth there enjoying the view of the seaworld (diving mask is not included, sorry).

Do I need an Electric or Manual Set?
If you are used to brushing your teeth with a manual brush and don’t want to switch to an electric one, but want to take your daily routine to the next level, then a Manual Brush Set is your choice.
If you are a fan of an electric toothbrush, then an Electric Brush Set is what you need. In both versions NEST is a Tesla among toothbrushes.

Is it a rotating or sonic toothbrush?
NEST offered in two trim levels:
1. Sonic Toothbrush with the vibration frequency of 15000 rpm which provides gentle but thorough cleaning.
2. Manual Toothbrush with no engine, but with a higher volume built-in toothpaste container.

How to charge Nest Electric Brush and UV Sterilizer?
Each set Includes a USB-C charge cable. Just plug it in.

How much toothpaste fits in NEST?
Sonic Toothbrush fits a two weeks supply of toothpaste (when using 2 times daily with a pea-size amount of toothpaste).
Manual Toothbrush fits a one month supply of toothpaste with the same conditions.

Is it safe to store toothpaste in the brush?
Yes. Laboratory tests have shown that when used correctly, the built-in container inside the brush always remains clean. Any toothpaste has antiseptic properties, thanks to which bacteria are not formed inside. However, you can always rinse your brush with warm water before each refilling.

Do I need to clean the toothbrush inside after each refill?
Just like any other toothbrush, we recommend rinsing the toothbrush and removing stains or dried toothpaste, if there is one, for the proper functioning of the device.

Why was NEST awarded the two most prestigious awards Red Dot and IF Design?
It’s an award for high design quality. The international jury only awards this sought-after seal of quality to products that feature an outstanding design and functionality. With its innovative toothpaste dispensing mechanism, the NEST creates added value. Its trim appearance combines splendidly with its hygienic function.

Can I take NEST with toothpaste inside and a Travel Case with UV Sterilizer on the plane?
Yes. It’s allowed to take your personal care products with UV Tech and with liquid with a volume of up to 100ml in hand luggage.

Do I really need NEST?
If you are passionate about new technologies and futuristic devices with a minimalistic design that make your life easier and your daily routine more aesthetic, then NEST is definitely for you!

What is the idea of the product?
A toothbrush is one of the most personal products. The idea was to create a sterile ecosystem of compatible devices for daily dental hygiene. Oral Care is pivotal as most bacteria and viruses get to us through the mouth, but it is hard to control the sterility of a toothbrush. That’s why we solve not only the problem of hygiene but also significantly increase its safety, convenience and aesthetics.

Why can it be used with ease?
Magnets are integrated into the brush and it allows you to take it with a light sliding motion and put it back on the Magnetic Stand or in the Travel Case, without touching any surfaces. A soft silicone button creates an amazing feeling when pressing and squeezing out the paste. The UV sterilizer is activated as soon as the brush is back in its nest.

Why was it called a NEST?
NEST brand is associated with something safe and your own. Something that guarantees you peace and security. When creating this product, we wanted to achieve this feeling for you with regard to your health.

Does UV light turn off after sterilizing the brush?
Yes! The two powerful UV-C lights sterilize the brush and turn off automatically. To re-start the sterilization process, you simply need to take the brush out of its magnetic stand or travel case and put it back in.

Will the UV Sterilizer be on in the traveling case?
Yes, a removable UV-C Sterilizer can easily be placed both on the Travel Case and Magnetic Stand to effectively clean your toothbrush and bristles with 99% guarantee (LAB tested).

Is the product covered by a warranty?
Nest Electric Set and Nest Manual Set comes with a warranty of 6-months, however, you can get an extra 6-months warranty for $10.

Does a toothbrush dispenser work with a battery?
We use our patented toothpaste delivery triple valve system, so, all you need is a toothbrush and toothpaste to always stay fresh and clean!

How much toothpaste will it provide while pressing?
A pea-sized amount of toothpaste (just what your dentist recommends). But you can push as many times as you want to get the desired amount of paste.

Can I use any type of toothpaste?
Yes, with NEST you can use almost any toothpaste existing on the market.

How long will I be able to use the toothbrush?
The brush heads of NEST are designed to last for up to 4 months, while the handle itself can serve you for years if taken proper care of.

Is UV Sterilizer safe?
Absolutely. NEST UV Sterilizer LAB tested. The UV is helpful and used in dentistry for years. It neutralizes 99% of bacteria DNA and helps to keep all hygiene tools sterile. As a result, UV prevents spreading of the bacteria on your most personal device - toothbrush.

Do I need to clean the UV sterilizer?
It does not require special cleaning. It is designed in such a way that it is difficult to get dirty. It’s IPX7 certified, so you can always wipe it with a damp cloth if necessary.

Why is NEST Kids a solution?

Fine motor skills of the hands of the kids under 9-10 years of age are not yet sufficiently developed. Therefore, it is difficult for them to squeeze toothpaste out of a tube. With NEST Kids Brush your kid can squeeze out a pea size amount of toothpaste by himself.

  • No mess in the bathroom
  • Good oral care habits are easy!
  • No dried toothpaste stains on the sink
  • No crumpled tubes
  • No tears 

Your kid can get brushing independently. Which gives you 20-30 bonus minutes every day to take a break and have a cup of coffee. However we recommend keeping an eye on him. 

Refill your kids toothbrush with any toothpaste just once in 3 weeks.

What age is NEST Kids Brush designed for?
Current version is designed for kids aged 4-11 y.o.

NEST Kids Brush is manual or an electric one?
Current version is a manual one. Your kid can get used to dental hygiene easily and in a playful way by himself.