About Us

The world’s 1st self-dispensing toothbrush with UV-C, travel case and stand for superior oral care.

When we create a new product, we look at what problems we face on a daily basis. Specifically, the everyday tasks we repeat over and over without questioning. We use the same products and don’t notice the simple things that we can do more conveniently. We wanted to rethink everyday life in order to move us forward.

Until we had a fountain pen, no one realized how difficult it was using a feather pen. Until toothpaste, people used powders and didn’t even imagine how convenient oral care would become. But we seem to have hit a road bump in the past century and haven’t moved past tacky plastic brushes and toothpaste tubes.

We didn’t want to create just a toothbrush, we wanted to make the complete ultra-hygienic oral care set with built-in toothpaste dispenser and UV Sterilizer. We created the Nest Oral Care Set to make your life more comfortable and healthier.

Nest Toothbrush is a symbol of necessity. The Nest is a symbol of home where toothpaste lives. With a touch of a button, you get the cleanest oral care experience. Wherever you are, your toothbrush and toothpaste are as one.

To improve the quality of hygiene, we used hypoallergenic silicone and added UV Sterilizer to eliminate germs. High-performance UV-C lights decontaminate the toothbrush and bristles by 99.9%.

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